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When Bein Sports talks about Life!

RISMEMBER OF RAMADAN 2018 sur Bein sport...

You remember ? During our previous 1€=1 meal operation , several volunteers flew across the four corners of the globe to help people in need. In total, more than 1.5 million meals were distributed!

Among these volunteers, the artist and actor Mokobé has joined our teams to provide assistance and expertise in Mali! During this operation, 600 family parcels were distributed in several villages in the country. A mission that will remain engraved. Because recently, the organization was highlighted on the global sports network, Bein sports.

LIFE on air on Bein!

LIFE ONG acts in more than 25 countries and provides essential aid to people in difficulty because of war, poverty or natural disasters.

Returning from a mission in Mali, the famous international sports channel Bein sports invited Mokobé to talk about his humanitarian mission. This passage highlights one of our ambassadors. On this mission, 600 families were able to benefit from food parcels. A great help.

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