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Newstories talks about LIFE NGO

In an exemplary approach to awareness and mobilization, the renowned digital media Newstories highlighted Hmarket as well as our NGO who joined forces to provide emergency aid to the victims of the devastating earthquake which struck Morocco.

During the night of Friday September 8 to Saturday September 9, a devastating seismic shock struck the region of Marrakech, Morocco. Initial reports indicate that more than 3,000 victims have died and thousands more injured. This tragedy caused terror among residents and had repercussions felt in many areas across the country.

Faced with this natural disaster, Hmarket quickly mobilized to provide support. In collaboration with our NGO LIFE which has been working on the ground in Morocco since the early days, Hmarket is therefore committed to doubling every euro donated by its customers. This approach aims to maximize the impact of each contribution and to provide significant support to victims of the earthquake : food aid, provision of essential supplies but also any other support necessary to help affected communities recover from this disaster.

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