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LIFE NGO in the spotlight in the media

Mehdi Debbrah, a young man of French-Algerian origin, passionate about walking, undertook a colossal journey to raise awareness of inequalities and the need for education in disadvantaged regions. His journey took him through varied landscapes, meeting people from different cultures and overcoming countless physical and mental challenges. Throughout his trip, he financed various actions for our NGO aimed at improving access to water, education and food aid.

The articles published in Le Progrès , Républicain Lorrain , L'Alsace and Vosges Matin highlighted the key stages of his journey, the inspiring stories of the people he met along the way and the projects carried out by our NGO.

Mehdi Debbrah's march demonstrated that individual action can have a profound impact on society and inspire change. Its commitment to the fight against inequalities has been applauded by the media and the public, and our NGO continues to work for a better future through these concrete actions.

Together we can change lives.

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