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Le Télégramme talks about LIFE ONG

On the night of Friday September 8 to Saturday September 9, a violent earthquake devastated the region of Marrakech in Morocco. More than 3,000 people lost their lives according to the initial toll, while thousands of others were injured. This tragic event was felt in multiple locations across the country, causing panic among residents.

Faced with this tragedy, our NGO quickly responded to the call for help by launching an emergency operation to help the victims.

Le Télégramme, one of the main sources of information in France, paid particular attention to our NGO and our intervention in Morocco. The newspaper highlighted our commitment to the affected populations, in particular by highlighting our speed of intervention, in less than 24 hours after the earthquake.

The media described our mobilization to respond to the immediate call for help following the earthquake. Our NGO distributed food, blankets, drinking water and hygiene products. These actions greatly contributed to meeting the immediate needs of families and providing them with comfort.

The Télégramme article also highlighted the challenges ahead, particularly linked to difficult climatic conditions with the coming winter but also to the reconstruction of affected areas.

Our NGO will continue to play a crucial role in repairing the damage and restoring hope to these affected communities.

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