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La Tribune talks about LIFE ONG

La Tribune highlighted the actions of LIFE ONG in favor of access to drinking water in Africa, and, more particularly, the construction of mechanized wells. By building these structures, LIFE brings clean and safe drinking water to many communities. Communities that currently face a severe lack of access. Today, millions of people now have a reliable source of drinking water. With this accessible source of life, they can focus on other aspects of their lives that were previously neglected.

La Tribune has rightly highlighted the inspiring work that LIFE NGO does every day to provide access to drinking water to those who need it most in West Africa.

This article has allowed us to explain the approach adopted by the NGO, and to describe the process of carrying out water projects in the field: diagnosis, establishment of a water management committee, etc.

The global water crisis continues to worsen. Currently, no less than 2 billion people do not have close access to safe drinking water. LIFE's action is therefore essential for populations in need.

To read the article from the forum, it's here

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