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FRANCE 24 talks about Mehdi Debbrah and LIFE ONG

Pauline Paccard, journalist presenter interviewed Mehdi Debbrah on FRANCE 24. During this exchange, the young man explained the reasons for his Paris-Algiers walk and his ambitions for the rest of his journey.

He was at that time in Castel San Giovanni, Italy. Mehdi Debbrah had just received images of the construction of the borehole carried out by LIFE in Togo in the village of Sakponi. A book that will change the life of1000 people villagers.

This borehole, in honor of his deceased father, was financed thanks to the collection set up by Mehdi on the LIFE site. She has brought together hundreds of donors won over by her project.

A video produced by FRANCE 24 highlights the actions of our NGO in terms of access to water, but also Mehdi Debbrah's desire to help others.

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