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Ere TV talks about LIFE ONG

Chabane Kaci from Ere TV interviewed Fanny Fernandes , the Executive Director of LIFE since August 2020.

The opportunity for Ere TV to return to the news of the NGO during the month of Ramadan 2022. But also, to address the main aspects of action of LIFE, namely the supply of drinking water , the support food or environmental projects . Of course, other projects are mentioned, such as the theme of education, for example.

The Executive Director was also able to develop LIFE's vision and intervention strategy for Ere TV listeners, in this very rich exchange. A long-term vision that aims to always do more for those who need it.

About LIFE on this Ere TV interview:

From a neighborhood association created in 2009, LIFE has become an international solidarity NGO. It acts with respect for human dignity, with commitment and a sense of innovation.Since its creation, LIFE has provided assistance to more than 12.5 million beneficiaries throughout the world, and today operates in more than 25 countries.LIFE ONG intervenes wherever the need arises, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.Thousands of wonderful people take action every day to support LIFE projects with passion: from the president to the volunteers

A very interesting and rich exchange of more than half an hour on several themes. An intervention that highlights the actions of the NGO. This exchange between the journalist of Ere TV, Chabane Kaci and Fanny Fernandes, the executive director is available just below

LIFE carries a beautiful message of peace and hope.

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