Pollution des océans : agir pour les sauver

Au cœur de notre planète bleue, les océans regorgent d’une biodiversité extraordinaire et jouent un rôle vital pour notre existence. Cependant, ces trésors marins qui recouvrent 70% du globe font face à une menace grandissante : la pollution des océans. Plongeons ensemble dans les profondeurs de cette urgence. La pollution des océans en quelques chiffres […]

L’agroforesterie en 4 questions clés

Dans notre quête pour bâtir un avenir durable, des solutions émergent pour répondre aux défis environnementaux et agricoles auxquels nous sommes confrontés. L’agroforesterie dessine un avenir durable et prometteur pour notre planète. Qu’est-ce que l’agroforesterie ? L’agroforesterie est une méthode agricole ancestrale qui associe la culture des plantes, l’élevage des animaux et la préservation des […]

8 solutions to act against deforestation

The Amazon, the most famous forest on the planet, is the symbol of the deforestation that is rampant all over the world. If the future of this green lung, treasure of biodiversity is in danger, it is also all the forests in the world that are threatened. Intensification of natural disasters, disruption of water resources, worsening of […]

Reforestation: the solution to save the forests?

After the oceans, forests are the second largest carbon sink on the planet and a valuable hotbed of biodiversity. They therefore play a vital role in our survival on Earth. Unfortunately, deforestation is occurring at an alarming rate. It is threatening our ecosystem and exacerbating climate change. In two decades, the forest […]

Climate emergency: what do 6 climate experts think?

In a context where the climate emergency is intensifying, where the effects of global warming are increasingly perceptible, a crucial question arises: “Climate emergency: is it already too late to reverse the trend and save our planet? To answer this question, we called on the expertise of several climate specialists. […]

LIFE in the face of the IPCC report: it is not too late to act!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its latest report. It explains the risks of global warming and provides solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The IPCC report is very clear: humanity has less than three years to reverse the curve of greenhouse gas emissions […]

5 key actions to fight global warming

Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, acidification of the oceans, increase in natural disasters… More than ever, our planet is in a state of climate emergency. The consequences of global warming are dramatic. Some of them are even irreversible! Fighting global warming is one of the major challenges of our century. Just today […]

LIFE plants barriers against tsunamis

On September 28, a violent tsunami hit the Indonesian coasts causing more than 2,200 deaths and more than 200,000 people in a humanitarian emergency!