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5 key questions to discover LIFE

From a neighborhood association supported by dreamy volunteers, LIFE has today become an international solidarity NGO. We have concrete expertise in humanitarian aid on the ground.Since 2009, we have been committed to serving populations in need by operating in 25 countries. More than13.3 million peoplehave already benefited from our help. Every day, we work tirelessly to further increase our positive footprint on the planet.


What is our identity?

LIFE is a law association1901, private, apolitical, non-religious, non-profit and recognized as being of general interest. Our headquarters is in France.


Our vocation is to provide aid to populations who need it most, in emergency or development situations. Our objective is to help consolidate or restore their situation, in particular, through access to drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and food security.


Guidedby a vision that places life at the heart of our actions and by an unwavering desire to make a real difference in the lives of the people we support,nWe act with respect for human dignity, with commitment and a sense of innovation.

What is our vision?

Our name is meaningful and embodies our bold vision: placing life at the heart of all our actions. We are committed not only to human life, but also to all living beings that share our planet, from animals to plants.


Through this strong commitment to being on the side of life, we aspire to create a better world, where each individual benefits from a dignified and fulfilled existence, beyond any divide.


We dream of a world where no one dies of hunger, thirst or disease caused by lack of access to clean water and adequate hygiene conditions. A world where every human being has access to the same chances of success regardless of their origin, country or religion.

What is our mission ?

Our teams are determined to bring real transformation to the lives of people around the world. They intervene on the ground by mobilizing emergency relief and implementing development programs around access to water, hygiene and sanitation, education and environmental protection. .


Our mission is to make a difference by improving the living conditions of those who need it most and supporting them on their path to independence.


Each of our initiatives is part of a desire to support and support the empowerment of local populations. A crucial issue at the heart of our NGO, which aims to sow the seeds of profound and lasting change by working hand in hand with local partners.


In our mission, we can count on theunconditional and precious support from a growing community of more than 180,000 loyal donors, true Lifechangers!

What are our values ?

Our action is driven by 8 fundamental values:


– therespect for dignity : a constant concern, that

whether on the ground or in ourcommunications with the general public.


- thehuman brotherhood :  it is characterized by benevolence and

respect for one's neighbor, with deep respect for one's individuality. Our NGOvehicle of solidarity valuesand wants toa citizen association of reconciliationbetween communities and peoples.


– theempowerment support :  our missions come to life through development programs that encourage proactive action by communities. Together, we are shaping a future where every individual is driven by the desire to create a better world.


–  l’independence : we act with independence, in therespect for international humanitarian law, as well as in compliance withlaw of the country in which we operate. This Independence grants us the ability to engage in actions and causes with complete impartiality to change lives.


- thetransparency:we testify to situations on the ground with realism, accuracy, consistency and respect.


– l’efficiency:uthe rigor that the entire NGO imposes in order to use the resources available to us in the best possible way; with efficiency and excellence. In this way, we maximize our impact, and nWe are creating a better future, where every action sows the seeds of concrete and lasting change.


– l’innovation :theinnovation is our essence to move the lines, strengthen our impact and go further. It materializes so muchin the field with innovative projects that transform lives, as in our means of collection and communication.


– l’inspiration from Muslim values:cThese are the Muslim values which historically led to the creation of the structure. The 7 LIFE values which precede reflect this ethic.

What are our areas of action?

In close collaboration with our local partners, we implement concrete actions and sustainable solutions oriented around 4 areas of intervention:


Water, sanitation and hygiene💧


drinking water Africa


More than two billion people around the world still do not haveaccess to drinking water and sanitation. In many countries, clean water is a luxury. Every drop of water counts.


To bring this source of life to those who need it, we are mobilizing with WASH, our main aspect of action.We work on programs aimed ataccess to drinking waterwith the construction of fountains and water towers.We alleviate the difficult daily lives of hundreds of women and children who travel dozens of kilometers every day to reach a source of drinking water.We are also strengthening our intervention on the themes of sanitation and hygiene, with the construction of toilets.



Food safety🍽️



This is our second major component of intervention. Even today, up to 828 million people suffer from hunger.


We work tirelessly to ensure food security for all.the access to

Sufficient, quality food is a fundamental right.


Through emergency operations and supportbe punctual,we distribute food parcels and hot meals all year round with our campagnes“1 euro=1 meal”to bring joy and a glimmer of hope to those who need itin. We have already distributed more than 59 million meals around the world!





Don't we say thatfuture is played out on the school benches? Education is a fundamental right. Yet,244 million children aged 6 to 18are still not educated in the world.

So thate every child can access quality education, we offer the best investment ever:sponsor a child's education.


Withdistribution of school kitscontaining a schoolbag, a pencil case, notebooks, pens, felt-tip pens, a ruler, an eraser, etc. Nwe allowfor children to have accessèss with all the school materials necessary to diligently follow their schooling.


We also offer complete mealsand balanced for each child. Now they come to school knowing they can satisfy their hungerand concentrate fully on their studies. For the majority of them, this meal is even the only one of the day, which underlines the importance of our initiative.Beyond the encouraging results of the students, school canteens cwe also contribute to local economic development by supporting local farmers and favoringant employment within communities.


Together, we can shape a world where every child has the opportunity to become a successful, independent adult.  


Environmental protection 🌱



Every minute, our planet loses the equivalent of 36 football fields of forest. A loss of 13 hectares per year, the size of England.The polar bear, the tiger, the orangutan… By 2100, half of the species we admire could disappear due to habitat loss.

With our programSapousse, nWe carry out projectssustainable environmental measures allowing action to be taken in favor of reforestation.


We create forests of abundance made up of “economic” trees that not only help restore the ecosystem, but also provide valuable resources. Communities thus benefit from regular income.We energize communities by implementing Green Initiatives that promote sustainable livelihoods such as sustainable aquaculture, market gardening and education and training in sustainable agriculture. These projectsstrengthen the autonomy of local populations and allow them to live in harmony with nature.


We don't just plant trees.We plantseeds of hope, the promise of a better future.

Complementary action areas

 The complementarity of our action areas is at the heart of our approach to improving the lives of the communities we serve.THEThe integrated projects we carry out embody this commitment to the well-being and empowerment of local communities, showing that when these areas of intervention come together, they have an even more profound impact.

For example, a community that has access to clean water can focus more on sustainable agriculture, thereby improving food security for all villagers.

Join us and make a difference. Become a Lifechanger!Together, we can change lives and create a fairer, more sustainable world.

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